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If you're ready to...

Then I invite you into a co-creative partnership!

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Diane Tegtmeier,    MSW

Touch, Presence, and Healing Energy

I bring over 35 years of experience in integrative healing practices to guide your journey at this time of personal and planetary awakening. My evolutionary journey has taken me through biochemistry research, motherhood, environmental activism, clinical social work, energy healing, aquatic bodywork, spiritual ministry, teaching and writing. I have been licensed, certified, and ordained. I now bring this lifetime of experience into a healing ministry that meets you with presence, touch, energy and counsel in support of your evolutionary journey.

I’ve been employed in hospitals, in private practice and on the healing staff of Harbin Hot Springs Spiritual Retreat Center in Northern California. I’ve taught courses in Loss and Grief, professional bodywork ethics, and trauma healing in the US and Italy. I’ve published two books which apply Nature’s relationship principles to our human relationships—first to professional healing relationships and then to our families, lovers and community.

As a grandmother of four, my dedication to fostering personal and planetary healing is greater than ever. These precious young adults give me the creative spark to kick-up my heels in the evolutionary dance of life.

Meet Diane

Books to Guide Your Relationships

Each of these books provide a model from Nature’s relational masterpiece—the cell
membrane—to guide you in all your relationships, personal and professional.


Our Partnership

I invite you into a co-creative healing process to activate your natural potential to heal. Whether in individual, couple or healing circles, we invite healing energy and light to address symptoms, restore balance and increase your awareness of your wholeness and interconnection with all Life.

I bring over 35 years of training and experience in family systems and body-centered psychotherapy, energy and light healing and aquatic bodywork to your unique session. Beyond technique and modality, I’ve developed an ability to sense what’s asking for our attention in your body, mind, heart and soul.


You're invited



Individual Sessions

When we bring awareness, skillful touch and healing energy to what hurts, release and transformation of dysfunctional patterns and pain are possible. Our ability to communicate—verbally and non-verbally—forms the foundation of the co-creative healing session. With the best that each of us brings to the partnership we will nurture your natural healing process.
While each session is unique, they generally begin with therapeutic dialogue. Then as your energy field begins to show me what’s ready to shift and receive healing light, I invite you to lie on a massage table, fully clothed, where with light touch and by tracking the healing light coming to you, we follow the process to a natural completion.
Virtual healing sessions have shown me and my healing partners the power of
presence and energy transmitted at a distance. These sessions are conducted on
The number of sessions needed vary considerably, depending on your healing
goals. Some experience significant change in 1-3 sessions, others prefer to work
through deeper issues over varying lengths of time.

Couple & Family Systems Energy Work

The challenges we face as individuals and couples often have deep roots in our
intergenerational family relational systems. Our responses to such things as intimacy,
success, trauma, jealousy, etc., often reflect how our ancestors experienced these very
things. They get carried forward in the family energy field, along with the genes that have
continued to recombine over the generations to evolve into the unique beings we are.
These relational patterns get expressed as behavioral tendencies, memes, and emotional
processes. Patterns that no longer serve us show up as recurring “problems” or “issues”that
we can address in couple and family energy healing sessions.

In addition to talking about these patterns as they relate to what you are currently
experiencing, I’ve discovered that we can engage, release and transform these
dysfunctional patterns. In our sessions, I also teach and engage you in practicing the Cell
Membrane Principles I describe in my book, The Sacred Cell ~ What Nature Teaches Us
About Relationships. These principles help you evolve in all your relationships, including
workplace and community. I offer these sessions in-person and online.

Healing Circles

The Earth is being showered with evolutionary light and information. In Earthlight
Healing Circles, we consciously receive it. Each circle is dedicated to personal and
planetary healing as we come together to support each other and link with guidance
and light during this time of intense shifts in our individual and global lives. Circle
members experience a deeper sense of being co-creative partners in the accelerated
evolutionary process that these shifts portend.

Circles meet by teleconference once or twice a month for about 90 minutes. Each
member of the circle brings what's in the foreground in their healing process, whether for
themselves, a loved one or a place on Earth. I then lead us in a healing meditation, the
form of which arises from what we bring together on that day. During the meditation, I
am able to connect with light structures, images, sound and information that touch both
the individual and group energy field for healing and inspiration. Each meditation is
different because we attract different frequencies, patterns of light and information
depending on the resonance of what we present and are ready to receive.
A group energy field grows within these Circles that members draw upon between calls
when they need support, especially when going through personal or family emergencies.
We stay connected via email and through the heart space of the Circle. I am available to
Circle members for brief private consultations.

Earth Circle

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